This website verifies buyers and sellers. Credibility today on the internet is crucial! makes the internet safer for the buyer and seller.

Our mission is to provide additional forms of safety checks for users that are buying and selling virtual goods or services. takes the time to verify both the seller's and buyer's contact information and other pertinent data. insures you and the seller or buyer are safe to do business together.

Here's how it works....

A user that wants to become an approved user by will sign up.

Information is collected from that user about their identity. A certificate is immediately, hosted on with a full page link for display on your website.

Links can also be placed on your email, Facebook, Linkedin page, Craigslist ads, websites and within many other various databases.

Once completed and your information is verified, will email you an updated link with your certificate. More sales will be made and you will have higher credibility.

Why should honest businesses and people suffer because there are scammers using our services?

Developing this website arrived from the critical need to bring safety and a level of assurance to the internet community. gives a level of protection to the seller and buyer. will put you at a whole new level of doing business.

Become a part of and start selling and buying with confidence and security.

When we trust you, others will too!